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In 2010, In kayseri, steel door sector signatory ikra steel door, fastest and shortest period of Turkey's entire point of access to, and it also simply by not opening to the world the steel door market its name frequently mentioned a company has become.
Although a young company create the infastructure completely confident steps forward on behalf of institutional and market steel door with more than 240 models are included in the sample as a company.
Used in production equipment with great care by choosing the quality, reliability and timely delivery of principle and the rich color and model year with 6000 doors to do with the capacity, producing forty percent of the export taking the country's economy contributing is proud. Our aim was to get out and buying one is for those who want to make life easier, to open a new door. To a place 
because, without taking further steps that add personality, his first impression about the people who live in places which have doors. Technology behind a giant Our investment in the company, is product of this philosophy.

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